Surprise Proposal and Engagement Shoot in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Nothing says romance like a surprise proposal at the Brooklyn Bridge Park…and nothing says fairytale romance like a surprise proposal at an empty Brooklyn Bridge Park just after sunrise.  Meet Steven, this gem from the U.K. who contacted us about setting up this magical scene for his girlfriend. 

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Engagement Photography Session in Snowy Winter Central Park

As New Yorkers we sometimes get caught up in all the reasons to hate winter; the sidewalks are narrow and slushy, intersections become frozen dirty swamps of unknown depth, and braving the icy steps to the subway feels like the ultimate test of bravery and balance. 

That said, there’s nothing more magical than the feel of that first snowfall in the city - before the white turns to gray and when the idea of building a snowman is still a bucolic possibility in our minds. 

There's also nothing more magical than taking advantage of that early snowfall for an engagement shoot in Central Park. 

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How We Shot Our Own Maternity Photos in Brooklyn Bridge Park and Central Park

How we shot our own maternity photos in some of our favorite locations throughout New York City!

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Brooklyn Bridge Park Family Photography Mini Session June 2017

Early June is a great time for family photography mini sessions in Brooklyn Bridge Park since it's usually nice weather but not too hot yet!

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Mocktails! Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks During Pregnancy (And some that *actually* taste like beer!)

Four best mocktail recipes for pregnancy, including a non-alcoholic stout beer and other ideas about what to drink during pregnancy besides water.

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Family In the Center - How We Focused on Family For Our DIY Wedding Centerpieces Using Glass Vases and Seashells

How we used flea market glass vases, recycled blue bombay sapphire gin bottles, found seashells, and family photographs to create our DIY wedding tablescape centerpieces.

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