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We were married within 3 months of our first date.  “When you know, you know”, they say, and when we knew we wed.  Something we bonded over early on was our love for traveling with cameras.  


What we continue to bond over: visiting as many countries as possible, making and consuming craft beer, sending real mail, reading the newspaper, meeting new people, and training/walking/cuddling our maniacal dog, Gatsby.  


After our San Diego courthouse-by-the-sea elopement, we settled in Brooklyn and turned our passion for photography into a business.  Photography allows us to capture life's day-to-day moments, major milestones, and everything in between.  


We love how the small seemingly insignificant moments can hold so much beauty when we stop and look at them closely.


We look forward to finding and illuminating those moments with you and your loved ones.


~Laurel and Brian

 Brian shooting in Acadia Maine

About Brian

I'm happiest exploring the highest and lowest places on earth, be it hiking up Mount Fuji or snorkeling the depths of the East China Sea.  When not traveling or working on photography, I'm usually at home growing bonsai trees, tending to orchids, brewing ridiculously strong craft beer (and a damn good ginger beer, if I do say so myself), or running around with our Entlebucher, Gatsby. 

Hailing from Ithaca, NY, I spent six years in the Marines and am now happily at home in Brooklyn as long as I maintain daily visits to the meadows in Prospect Park.  I also work for an organization specializing in outdoor education, which channels my love for nature and belief that kids should know more tree varieties than iPhone apps.  In all areas of life, I believe in action over passivity and creating art from authentic experience.  I bring friendly technicality to a shoot, and I'm always excited to share tricks and tips on capturing that special moment with each client.  


About Laurel

I'm a poet, a high school teacher, a Libra, a vegetarian-except-for-bacon, and a pianist.  I love huge turquoise jewelry, coconut oil, and making to-do lists.  I bring attention to detail to our shoots, managing the behind-the-scenes of Aquadro Photography so you can relax and enjoy your experience.

Born and raised in photogenic New England, I landed in New York City in 2006 and tested out 3 Manhattan neighborhoods before deciding that Brooklyn is home.  While my roots are in New York, photography keeps me happily nomadic, traveling from Spain to Okinawa, Iceland to ArgentinaMexico to Africa.  I'm passionate about absorbing every moment (especially if cheese is involved) and translating each one onto paper, film, and collaboration with Brian, friends, and awesome people like you!