Let the Sunshine In - Best Solar Power For Home

A sunny apartment is a requirement for us because of Brian's love for plants, but lots of sunshine also allows us to use solar power in our everyday lives.  We first started using solar power when camping, and then we realized there's no reason to stop using solar power just because we're not in a tent.  

We did a lot of research to find the best portable solar panel.  We really wanted a foldable solar panel so it would be easy to pack in and out.  The one we really like is the Anker PowerPort Solar.  We use this battery with it, and then we can either charge phones/iPads directly from the panel or store power in the battery to use at night.  We use this combo almost exclusively to charge our phones!

We also did some research to find the best solar lanterns, and we love the Luci lights by MPOWERD.  

I prefer the Luxe because the light is warmer in tone, but all of them make for such easy solar lighting.  We stick them on a windowsill in the morning, and they're charged enough to light the bedroom while we get ready for bed and read.