Surprise Proposal and Engagement Shoot in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Nothing says romance like a surprise proposal at the Brooklyn Bridge Park…and nothing says fairytale romance like a surprise proposal at an empty Brooklyn Bridge Park just after sunrise.  Meet Steven, this gem from the U.K. who contacted us about setting up this magical scene for his girlfriend. 

Dowd Sneak Peek-6285.jpg

He wanted to make his and Amelia’s first trip to NYC extra special and return to England on Christmas Eve to share the engagement news with their families. 

Dowd Sneak Peek-6076.jpg

Steven and Amelia crossed the Brooklyn Bridge just after sunrise and made their way to the park, Steven incessantly checking his pocket to make sure the ring hadn’t fallen out... :)  When he saw our super secret signal, he knew we had cameras ready and it was time!

Dowd Sneak Peek-6026.jpg

Mission accomplished, as Steven proposed to Amelia with this amazing scene all to themselves. 

Dowd Sneak Peek-6046.jpg

She was so surprised that she didn’t even notice the two hidden photographers :)

Dowd Sneak Peek-7595.jpg
Dowd Sneak Peek-6059.jpg

Amelia was then a great sport as we surprised her yet again with an engagement photo shoot in the empty park...

Dowd Sneak Peek-6216.jpg
Dowd Sneak Peek-6104.jpg

Congrats to this awesome couple :)

Dowd Sneak Peek-6159.jpg