Engagement Photography Session in Snowy Winter Central Park

As New Yorkers we sometimes get caught up in all the reasons to hate winter; the sidewalks are narrow and slushy, intersections become frozen dirty swamps of unknown depth, and braving the icy steps to the subway feels like the ultimate test of bravery and balance. 

That said, there’s nothing more magical than the feel of that first snowfall in the city - before the white turns to gray and when the idea of building a snowman is still a bucolic possibility in our minds. 

There's also nothing more magical than taking advantage of that early snowfall for an engagement shoot in Central Park. 

engaged couple laughing in snowy Central Park

Meet Sara and Nick.  Since Sara isn't yet hardened by winter like we New Englanders, she was so excited about a classic winter setting with these adorable images for their Save the Dates. 

Engaged Couple in Bethesda Terrace

There wasn’t much snow last year, so it wasn’t easy making their winter wonderland wishes come true.  We had to chase the clock to combine photo-worthy snow with everyone’s availability to shoot in Central Park - but we made it happen!

engaged couple embrace by snowy Bethesda Terrace
Engaged Couple in Bethesda Terrace
A kiss and a dip on the Mall in Central Park
Engaged Couple by snowy Bethesda Terrace stairs
Engaged Couple in Bethesda Terrace
Engaged Couple on the stairs of the Bethesda Terrace
engaged couple kissing by Bethesda Fountain

I have to say, it was refreshing to work with this lovely couple who found beauty and magic we New Englanders sometimes grow a bit blind to.

Despite the cold, this wintry shoot warmed our hearts. :)

engaged couple embrace and kiss in snowy Central Park