Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot!

Less pose.  More play.

Silly Family Photo
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Here are some ideas for making sure your shoot goes as smoothly as possible!



  1. Wear What Makes You Feel Like You! It is so true that discomfort shows easily in photographs, so if you wear something you feel totally comfortable in then chances are you'll instantly look better in the final photos.
  2. Consider Patterns/Logos/Designs: Loud prints or clothing with big logos/designs can be distracting, so it's best to stay away from those.
  3. Coordinate Colors: If possible, it is nice to have everyone in the family wear coordinating colors.  That certainly doesn't mean everyone in the same colors, but try to stick to similar tones.  
  4. Consider the Fabric: Fabrics that have a strong shine or sparkle to them can sometimes not translate well in photographs, so if possible avoid wearing anything too shimmery/shiny (some silks can be tough!).
  5. Remember the Wind: Clothing and hairstyles that will easily become messy in the wind might be distracting during a shoot (long hair down, dresses with lots of ruffles, short flowy skirts, etc.  
  6. Think About Peek-a-boo Pants for Under Skirts: Dressing the little ones in a skirt or dress can be adorable, but keep in mind the kiddos will most likely be sitting/dancing/rolling/jumping in positions that might reveal a bit too much, so having them wear some cute shorts under the skirt/dress will make sure the photos aren't showing off the diaper brand :)
  7. Test Out Outfits: Sometimes it's hard to know what clothing will end up looking like when photographed from different angles, so it can be helpful to try on a few things and have someone snap photos of you standing/sitting/walking so you can get an idea for how the clothes might look in the final product!
  8. Look at Examples: Check out our families page and our kids page to see how other families have coordinated outfits for shoots.  If you see photos that have a similar look to what you're going for (formal, spring-y, etc.), then taking cues from the clothing might help!



  1. Parents - Keep Smiling!!  This is the most important one!! During a shoot your child will most likely vacillate between happy, skeptical, sleepy, and maybe just plain cranky - and that's all okay :)  We'll work with their moods as they come, but the most helpful thing for you to do is to keep smiling.  A squirmy child with a smiling parent can make for a beautiful photo, but a squirmy child with an exasperated parent?  Not so much.
  2. Consider Timing: It sounds obvious, but make sure you book a session at a time when your child is normally happy!  If you can align your session with your child's natural playtime, chances are they'll be in much better spirits for a shoot.
  3. Go With Plan B, C, and D: If your child isn't in the mood for a certain pose, that's okay!  We'll work with you all to make sure everyone is comfortable, especially the little ones.  We'll adjust poses and locations as necessary, and we're happy to go with the flow of what your child needs in the moment.  
  4. Bring Positive Distractions: It can be helpful for you to bring some distractions (a book, toy, snacks, or song on your iPhone) that might help anchor your child in a pose.  Keep in mind that the book/toy/bottle might appear in the photo, so bring items in neutral colors that won't distract.
  5. Bring a Backup Outfit: Spills happen, and it's helpful to have something to make a quick change into if outfit number 1 gets dirty.  Just keep in mind that if you're booking a mini session we won't have a lot of time for an outfit change, so bring something your child can get into quickly.


  1. Have Memories in Mind: Playful and authentic photos are more our style, so have a few funny stories/nicknames/memories in mind ahead of the shoot to tell each other while shooting. 
  2. Move! If a pose or way of standing/sitting doesn't feel right, move around!  Feel free to look at each other, kiss, hug, shift, etc.  If something looks really off we'll let you know, but often the best photos are the ones we take while you're hanging out staring at each other :)