I know...  a photo shoot in the rain conjures images of wet hair sticking to foreheads, see-through clothing, and falling in puddles.  In reality, rainy shoots can be beautiful - and fun! - if prepared for the right way.

Here are five good reasons to go ahead with a photo session in the rain:

1) An empty setting

We love shooting in popular destinations like Prospect Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park, but if you're there on a beautiful day after 10am you'll be fighting hordes of people for the best photo spots.  Crowds means waiting in line for the best locations and having a million of your closest friends in the background of all your photos.  We think shoots are *much* more enjoyable when we can lazily meander from spot to spot and not worry about cropping out that sunbather in a bikini or the muscle man on a rock posing for his Instagram feed :)


2) Rainboots and umbrellas


3) Jumping in puddles

And let's be real, that will make them pretty happy, which will make for awesome authentically smiley photos.


4) Beautiful lighting

No bright sun = no harsh shadows = more flattering faces


5) Your choice of background