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$125 covers:
- 25 minutes of shooting
- two photographers (twice the photos!)
- an online viewing gallery of 35-40 images
- a mobile app of all your favorites
- one full-resolution digital of your choice
- additional full-resolution digitals for $7.50 each
- prints starting at $4


How to book!

1. Select a time below

2. Fill out the form

3. Pay the invoice that has magically appeared in your inbox!


Please note that your time is ONLY reserved after you pay the invoice. 

After 24 hours the time will be re-opened to the public if the invoice hasn't been paid, so hurry to that inbox!


*A quick note about our post-processing philosophy... We believe everyone should have access to photography, so we keep our rates as reasonable as possible.  We’re able to do so by minimizing the time spent editing images at the computer.  The only post-processing we do is to make small adjustments (if necessary) for color, exposure, and highlights.  We can do minor skin retouching upon request, and we’re happy to discuss photo recompositions on a case-by-case basis for $25 per image!

  We look forward to working with you!

~Laurel and Brian


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