About Mini Sessions


Life is busy, and sometimes finding time for a full session is tricky - especially if kiddos are involved.  We’ve found that 25 minute mini sessions are great for families with busy schedules, so we offer these mini sessions throughout the year on select weekends at some of our favorite locations.   Since we book mini sessions in groups of two or more, we're able to charge a bit less than we do for our half sessions.  Discounted pre-shoot digital packages are not available for mini sessions.  



- $150 booking fee

- 25 minutes of shooting

- a private online viewing gallery of 35 or so images

- a mobile app of 35 photos of your choice

- one full-resolution digital image of your choice

- the option to order additional digitals for $15.00 each and prints starting at $5 each


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More Details About Our Mini Sessions


Rain or Shine...


Our mini sessions are rain-or-shine, but not hurricane-or-shine, blizzard-or-shine, or thunder-and-lightning-or-shine.  If there’s rain in the forecast we go ahead as planned unless the predictions are for torrential downpours, dangerous winds, thunder/lightning or, hurricanes/blizzards, etc.  In these extreme weather cases, we'll be in touch about rescheduling or using a sheltered location.

I know what you’re thinking - a shoot in the rain??  Won’t we be all wet and look awful? Won’t my kid be miserable?  Won’t the photos look terrible?  No, probably not, and no way!  We’ll make sure you’re always under our (ridiculously big golf) umbrellas, and we’ll have attractive photogenic coordinated umbrellas for you to use.  


Also, sessions in the rain can actually be more fun and more flattering.

 Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. The park will be EMPTY.  Nothing’s worse than having a horde of tourists or a distracting jogger smack dab in the background of your beautiful family photo.  A rainy day session guarantees we’ll be alone in the park, which means no crowds to navigate and no waiting for the popular locations.

  2. You’ll have your pick of locations… but not just because of the lack of crowds.  Bright sun = big shadows, which means we have to be selective about locations to avoid unflattering light.  The soft lighting you get when there’s cloud cover is flattering no matter where the sun is. Because we won’t have to worry about placing you in the right place for the sunlight, we’ll be able to use any angle, location, and background you want.

  3. Umbrella shots can be cute AF.  When you think of the umbrella as an accessory, the possibilities are limitless.  Clear ones look fun without being distracting, little kid ones are a-dor-a-ble, and warm colored ones (yellow, orange), can actually be used to cast a flattering warm-light glow on faces.  Throw some little kid galoshes in there and you have some very priceless moments.

  4. Huddling under umbrellas leads to authentically adorable smiles.

  5. Puddles - how much fun will the little one(s) have jumping in them?  Chances are giving them permission to tromp around in the rain will open up natural adorable smiles pretty fast, which means no warm up time at the beginning getting used to the camera.

If you’re still not convinced and you reeeaaaally don’t want to go ahead with your shoot when there’s rain in the forecast, we do understand.  You’re welcome to cancel or reschedule your shoot according to our cancellation policy outlined below.


  • Cancel 7 days ahead of time and receive a full refund of the booking fee.
  • Cancel 48 hours before the session start time and receive a refund of 50% of the booking fee.
  • We’re unable to offer any refund for cancellations made within 48 hours of the session.


If you’d like to reschedule your session, you’re welcome to do so up to 24 hours before the session start time.  If there are no upcoming time slots available, refunds will be issued according to the above cancellation policy.


Early Morning!

We really believe family photography sessions can (and should!) be fun and stress-free.  We don’t believe in stiff posing, and we try to make the experience enjoyable and easy from start to finish.

Therefore, we don’t hold family sessions in popular locations in the middle of the day.  


There are two reasons for this timing:

The first is light - light in early morning is low, soft, and flattering.  Your pictures will be much more complimentary without the bright sun of mid-day casting shadows on faces.

The second reason is the crowds.  After 10:00 on weekend mornings the parks get crowded, which means we'll have to wait for the popular locations and might not get to as many spots.  It also means the shoot will be more stressful as we’ll be dodging people and trying to quickly sneak in shots in between crowds and other waiting photographers.

We know getting out the door early is a big ask with wee ones.  We have a wee one ourselves, so we understand that the struggle of nap times and wakeups is real.  But we *promise* that the one morning of getting up earlier will be worth it in the beautiful photos you’ll have for a lifetime.